Machinery of good taste

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01/06/2019 Fabrika Burger Bar

Machinery of good taste

When you bite into our juicy burger keep in mind that …

  • Meat that melts in your bite is 100% beef processed and prepared according to the standards that we have known for years. Just decide, do you want it medium or well done.
  • Paprika that spices your tongue is the best, La Chinata from western Spain. Dried, and then, two weeks smoked on oak tree.
  • Brioc we studied the zillion combinations until we struck the right balance of milk and butter. The real measure in this case … to know exactly their place in the burger.
  • We searched Burgundy to find the variety shade of Dijon mustard. Why? Because we wanted that one.
  • We caramelize onions very loooong at controlled temperature…
  • Our 5 sauces are just ours and we keep this secret Para Siempre … we recommend authentically manufactured sauce with unique La Chinata pepper.
  • It is said that the best sauce from Pest to Belgrade is our Muckle Jalapeno.
  • Yellow Cheddar that we melt in the cheeseburger we found at your local dealer. The family business for generations.
  • Fresh salads chosen from the most reliable host (with whom we got well drunk when we negotiated) calibrated and carefully stored at temperature highs which does not allow them to relax.
  • Potatoes are a special magic, they do not keep a drop of oil, but they keep HHHRRRSSSKKK…

So much for the hardware.
The software is the real magic.
A mixture of passion and struggle.
The passion for preparing food and figating for quality.
We are a family team. We traveled the whole world, explored, experimented and weighed.
Our menu is a spicy journey through the world of culinary heritage generated in street food arrangement.
We put tears, blood and sweat into our work and there is no greater reward than your smile after the first bite.
Of all the combinations in our kitchen, we trust the flavor of trust.

You are welcome to visit us. Enjoy your meal.

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